About the project

This page is dedicated to the project “The influence of local folklore and cultural heritage on the conflict between man and Hermann’s tortoises (Testudo hermanni) in Serbia”. The project is lead by Marko Nikolić, and financially supported by The Rufford Small Grants Foundation.

This project will evaluate the intensity of the impact of local folklore and cultural heritage in  Serbiaon the population status of Near Threatened Hermann’s tortoise by combining the data on: 1) tortoises health status in natural populations; 2) it’s appreciation in local folklore; 3) use in traditional medicine and diet; and 4) local people’s knowledge of the national regulations related to the biodiversity protection. Implementation of the project will be reflected in the improvement of relations between local community and biodiversity and will increase public awareness on the importance of implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Activities and Timescale

The first phase (January-February)

The implementation of the project activities would begin in January, when the tortoises are still inactive. At this time we will prepare the presentation and promotional materials on the importance of the project for the protection of the tortoises. Presentations will be held at the universities in Serbia. Beginning of February is dedicated to the meeting with registered volunteers who are interested to participate in the field work. To see implementation of project activities click here.

The second phase (March-August)

The second phase of the project activities will begin in March with detailed planning of field research and procurement of necessary equipment. The established research teams will start collecting data in the field at the beginning of April and last until the end of May. Interviewing local residents will be done in the same period, but will take longer. The second part of field work will be conducted during July where the procedures and methods applied in April-May will be repeated. The second phase will be completed at the end of August. To see implementation of project activities click here.

The third phase (September-December)

The third phase of the project will be carried out from September to December. The processing of data collected during field research will be carried out during September. Preparation of publication that will contain interesting facts obtained by surveying will be done in October. Public events in local communities will be organized in November, where informative brochures will be distributed, also after every completed survey during field work. During December, the research team will present the project results, including publications, at the Universities of Serbia. To see implementation of project activities click here.

Organisations involved in the project