Lectures in elementary and secondary schools

During December and January our project (“The influence of local folklore and cultural heritage on the conflict between man and Hermann’s tortoises (Testudo hermanni) in Serbia”) and Rufford fondation was presented in primary and secondary schools in the city of Niš. Project was presented by students from Department of Biology and Ecology, Faculty of Science and Mathematics Niš and Biological Society „Dr. Sava Petrović.“ Gallery

“Multimedia challenge” – promotion of the project

Education of the local inhabitants through conversation with the visitors and distribution of informative brochures was held at the “Multimedia challenge”, which was organized by NGO “Centar za unapređenje društvene svesti – Super građanin”.

Field research – July 2016

The second phase of field activities has been completed. During july, researchers on four localities in Serbia Druga faza terenskih aktivnosti je završena. In July researchers at four locations in Serbia conducted a seven-day research on populations of Hermann’s tortoise. Locality: Donji Milanovac Locality: Kladovo Locality: Pašina česma, Leskovac Locality: Kunovica, Niš  

Research excursion – Crni Vrh, Mt. Stara planina

Information about Hermann’s tortoise biology, endangering factors in Serbia and beliefs of local people as a factor of endangerment were presented to the students of Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Nis, at the research excursion conducted in the Crni Vrh village at the Stara planina mountain.

Field research – May 2016

The first phase of field activities has been completed. The research was conducted at four localities in Serbia, two in the east and two in southern Serbia. Locality: Donji Milanovac Locality: Kladovo Locality: Pašina Česma, Leskovac Locality: Kunovica, Niš

New brochure – Hermann’s tortoise in Serbia

We have created a new brochure on Hermann’s tortoise. Learn where and when we can meet this species, find out if they are safe or in danger  and how human activity is endangering the species. Hermann’s tortoise is a protected species and is located on the annexes of many international directives on nature protection. This brochure has been produced during the project “The Influence of Local Folklore and Cultural Heritage…

The announcement of the project activities

In the first phase of implementation of the project in January, members of the project team held a project promotion and announcement of upcoming activities. Visitors had the opportunity to hear more about Raford Foundation and planned project activities and then the volunteers signed up for participation in the project. The promotion was held at the four Universities in Serbia with the support of non-governmental organizations and student associations. Promotion...